Diary of The Challenge 2018 to Rhode Island

 John Apps and Raven Have Finished


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30th June 2018 03:45 UTC
John and Raven arrived at Newport Rhode Island safe and sound.

Click here for Raven and John’s Diary.

Tim Luke and Medusa Have Finished


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17 June 2018 16:25 Local Time (21:25 BST)
Tim Luke on Medusa finished today at Castle Hill
Light at 16:25 local time.
Tim and His boat are in excellent condition.
5 June 2018 10:50 BST
A quick Tim Luke update – Medusa is performing brilliantly but after 10 days of wind, rain and waves everything in and on the boat is wet through – except for his waterproof pillow! Wires on the solar panel disconnected a while ago to make it useless and the wind generator brake keeps jamming on but thankfully seems to correct itself after a while. Despite the various challenges Tim is loving his adventure, learning a lot and is delighted with how Medusa is looking after him.

 Sitrep 2: 3rd June 2018

I  thought it time to offer a recap and update as those still on their way to Newport have recently passed the halfway point.

So far we have had five retirements:

  • Doug Pingel in Jekeeda returned home following a pre-race accident and stitches to his head.
    Click here for Doug’s Diary.
  • Chris Jackson in Sixpence to the Azores following serious storm damage to, inter alia, the boat’s electrics. He will continue to Newport by air where he will be met by his family.
    Click here for Chris’ Diary.
  • Howard Chivers in Sandpiper to Azores following serious damage to a hand.
    Click here for Howard’s Diary.
  • Steve Hickey in Newlyn Madjic not sure where to…..?
    Click here for Steve’s Diary.
  • Len Hiley in Emu to the Azores having run out of time.
    Click here for Len’s Diary.

We have two still on their way to Newport:

  • John Apps in Raven reported on 1 June at 35º 37’N; 36º 25’W
  • Tim Luke in Medusa reported on 1 June at 37º 36’N; 46º 48’W

Good luck to John and Tim: easier (all things are relative for the winds in their projected positions are currently contrary) to go on than turn back now….?


Sitrep 1: 7th May 2018

Not so much a sitrep as I have had no time since returning home but 7 starters were confirmed although Doug had an accident ashore and may be a late starter – two others may start late.  We wish Doug a speedy recovery.
  • Tim Luke in Medusa
  • Doug Pingel in Jekeeda 2
  • Chris Jackson in Sixpence 
  • Howard Chivers in Sandpiper 
  • Len Hiley in Emu
  • John Apps in Raven
  • Steve Hickey in Newlyn Madjic

Near ideal conditions for the start with a warm sun and lightish southerly winds.

Only problem was the starting ‘cannon’ due to the absence of the normal ‘gunner’ (Peter Cameron) and the incompetence of Ewen S-T.   However, the actual start gun was fired by Heather S-T as a tenth birthday present.  ES-T will attend a gunnery refresher course by next year’s JBC – and a new firing pin will be fitted.

As always our immense thanks to the Commodore and Members of the TRSC and especially the staff for the BBQ, dinner and breakfast.

All we can do now is wish all JC 2018 skippers GOOD LUCK and much moons’l sailing to Newport.

Ewen S-T

Jester burgee

This is a photo of the original burgee, that has flown throughout every Jester challenge since the first one, from the starboard cross trees of Black Velvet. It was flown on Equinox for the start of this year’s Jester Challenge. It has now been transferred to Black Velvet and will be flown until every Jester is safely accounted for.

See what the wind is doing. This is a cool link. Click anywhre on the globe and it will tell you the wind speed. Rotate the globe and you can see the wind anywhere in the world.





7 thoughts on “Diary of The Challenge 2018 to Rhode Island

  1. Great to be able to follow the progress of nearly all the yachts – sounds like it’s been a hard start to the adventure


  2. Thank you so much Tina! Do you know if other boats have similar tracking? We hope the site can consolidate all information so we can see the progress of all skippers. We wish all the best!


  3. Hi, delighted to see the updates on this site. Would love to see it as the ‘go-to’ Jester site, and hopefully with the Sitreps being published here it might do so. Good luck to all


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