Jester Baltimore Challenge 2019

Welcome to the Jester Baltimore Challenge 2019 and the Jester ‘family’. The list of those interested in the Jester Baltimore Challenge 2019 (JBC 2019) is growing.  Please be aware that this list is in the public domain, so please do not forward any contact details you wish to withhold.

The start date for the JBC 2019 will be 16th June 2019, as the Baltimore Pirate Festival will be 21-23 June 2019.

You can keep up-to-date through the website but the basic arrangements  will not be very different from the JBC 2017.

This is the provisional entry list 

Click the link for a copy of  the non-rules and sailing instructions’ for the JBC 2019. The one or two guidelines will not be checked before the start on the understanding that a gentlemanly attitude prevails among like-minded seafarers.

There are no ‘official’ plans for a return voyage as I expect that some may wish to cruise the stunning Irish coast.  Those returning to the United Kingdom may decide to start together, that can be decided at the time.

Personal details will be requested closer to the time, including a photograph and brief CV of the skipper plus a photograph of the vessel. As there are no formalities and as no money changes hands there is not much more to say at the moment! You will see the sort of thing I need from the fully-completed entries in the attached list. I look forward to your confirmation but in the meantime good luck with the plans. Once confirmed as a Jester Baltimore Challenger your details will be placed on the website.

In due course I will need to know numbers for the social events and the spectator vessel – but we will cross all these bridges later.

In the meantime good luck with your preparations and I hope you have good moons’l sailing weather for your ‘trials’.

Ewen S-T



One thought on “Jester Baltimore Challenge 2019

  1. Hi I would very much like to enter the 2019 challenge, I sail a Sabre 27 and have been sailing for over 40 years


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