Jester Azores Challenge 2021

The great news is that thanks to the support and efforts of Captain Paulo da Silva, the Praia da Vitoria Port Captain, the Jester Challenge has been granted a special dispensation to sail directly to Praia da Vitoria as our port of entry to the Azores. (Please note that this is granted only to the Jester Challengers who have already been notified to the Azores authorities and is subject to covid-related rules that skippers must observe.)

Start off western end of Plymouth Breakwater, 1200 noon on Monday 21st June 2021

Finish on a line between the north and south moles, Praia da Vitoria Harbour, Terceira, Azores.

The challenge will be conducted in the spirit of the usual Jester guidelines. We are also grateful to Mayflower Marina and Jolly Jacks at Plymouth, for their help and flexibility in enabling us to run this event.

Event Tracking


Brian JuddSYLVIASadler 2625’1009/07/2021 06:50
Donald HeathGUPPY UNCHAINEDDjango 7.7025’407/07/2021 07:40
Duncan LougeeMINKEFolkboat25′11/07/2021 10:50
George ArnisonGOOD REPORTWood sloop30’911/07/2021 10:50
Graeme ShimwellPANACEAAlbin Vega27′06/07/2021 06:01
John AppsARELIAInvicta Mk125′10/07/2021 02:30
John WillisPIPPINFrancis Pilothouse34′06/07/2021 18:30
Justin ButlerROQUETTATwister28′07/07/2021 02:39
Christian GallotKALEVALASea Breeze31′05/07/2021 09:30

Skippers and Boats

Living Quarters