Roger Taylor – Mingming’s Jester Challenge 2006
Mingming and I picked up our mooring at Burnham after a trouble-free 2500 mile non-stop voyage from Plymouth, via a point a couple of hundred miles to the northeast of the Azores. The problem, as far as the Jester Challenge was concerned, was basic boat speed. There was always going to be a question mark over the effect of 100 days’ water and provisions on a yacht displacing less than one ton.
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Pete Hill – OCC Jester Award Winner 2006
Award reads:
Shanti – Kingfisher 22 – for an outstanding achievement in single-handedly completing the Jester Challenge (2006) from Plymouth to Newport, Rhode Island with the assistance of an Haslar wind vane steering gear in just over 44 days. His achievement in his little 19 year-old Kingfisher 22 is all the more remarkable as the boat was probably the oldest and smallest of all the entrants, most of whom retired for various reasons so that Pete was the second and last boat to reach Newport.
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Bernie Branfield – First Time Jester, Baltimore 2017
‘I have wanted to do more off-shore single-handed sailing and the Jester Challenge seemed to be an ideal choice. It features many of my sailing philosophies ; minimalist, low cost, own efforts, average / ordinary boats and people. Having watched several Youtube videos and read some articles it seemed to be within my reach. I just needed time and Chantilly, my aging Macwester Rowan, needed some modifications.’
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