Self Steering

Len Hiley talks here about SARAH – the Simple And Reliable Automatic Helm:

John Letcher’s “Self-steering for sailing craft” is a good resource and of interest to anyone using self-steering, with or without vane gear.

You can see it below, copyright John S Letcher and with kind permission of the author, who made many small boat ocean voyages and contributed much to the development of yacht self-steering.

John S Letcher self steering for sailing craft
Click to view PDF

Extract on sheet to tiller self-steering from Gerard Dijkstra’s book “Self steering for Yachts”:

Gerard Dijkstra's book "Self steering for Yachts"
Click to view pdf

Many thanks to Len Hiley for converting John Letcher’s book to pdf files and
obtaining permission from John Letcher and Gerard Dijkstra.

2 thoughts on “Self Steering

  1. thank you very much I very much appreciate the information ad your efforts in comm unicating your knowledge


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