Latest Jester Challenge Updates

 John Apps and Raven 21 June 2018 Raven at 38deg35'N 059deg04'W. Other than Karl, any of the other Marx brothers get a mention in Belarus, Groucho, Harpo, Chico? John See what the wind is doing. This is a cool link. Click anywhre on the globe and it will tell you the wind speed. Rotate the … Continue reading Latest Jester Challenge Updates


Jester’s Ultimate Storm

Jester's Ultimate Storm by Mike Richey In Heavy Weather Sailing, Adlard Coles defines a survival storm, as distinct from a full gale, as those conditions in which, the wind at Force 10 or above and perhaps gusting at hurricane strength, wind and sea become the masters; there is little the unfortunate mariner can do. It is impossible … Continue reading Jester’s Ultimate Storm


What is The Jester Challenge?

Ewen Southby-Tailyour once descibed it as 'a modern experiment in old-fashioned self-reliance, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility' whereby single-handed sailors pit them selves against the worst the Atlantic can throw at them to reach The Azores or North America. Every two years a group of hardy sailors head for Plymouth to sail the Atlantic. The Challenge in … Continue reading What is The Jester Challenge?

Jester Challenge to Rhode Island 2018

Terms for The Jester Challenge 2018 The Tamar River Sailing Club is proud to welcome Jester Skippers and to host their event for another year. This year’s event will take place over the Early May Bank Holiday. TRSC will expect competitors between Friday 4th May and 7th May 2018 and competitors arriving between these dates can … Continue reading Jester Challenge to Rhode Island 2018