Latest Jester Challenge Updates

 John Apps and Raven 21 June 2018 Raven at 38deg35'N 059deg04'W. Other than Karl, any of the other Marx brothers get a mention in Belarus, Groucho, Harpo, Chico? John See what the wind is doing. This is a cool link. Click anywhre on the globe and it will tell you the wind speed. Rotate the … Continue reading Latest Jester Challenge Updates


Diary of The Challenge 2018 to Rhode Island

Tim Luke and Medusa Have Finished 17 June 2018 16:25 Local Time (21:25 BST) Tim Luke on Medusa finished today at Castle Hill Light at 16:25 local time. Tim and His boat are in excellent condition. 5 June 2018 10:50 BST A quick Tim Luke update - Medusa is performing brilliantly but after 10 days … Continue reading Diary of The Challenge 2018 to Rhode Island